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Hi friends in the last guide i just gave the tutorial for the people who have porting knowledge and i received many people asking how to decompress system.img or system.dat files.So im making this guide and this will be definitely useful for everyone.Lets get started
  • First Of All Download This File  Extract It And Open The Marked Bin File.
  • After Opening A Following Screen will be Showed.

  • Now Type 1 and Press Enter.
  • Copy The system.new.dat and system.transfer.list and file_contexts to the Extracted Folder.After Pasting The Folder Looks Like This.To get file_contexts file extract your boot.img.You will find this file in ramdisk folder.

  • After pasting the files click enter in the window which is opened.It will start extracting dat files.

  • Thats it you can find system folder in the folder.Now you have successfully unpacked system.dat file.If extracting system.img choose the option of Extract system.img

For Unpacking Boot.Img :

  • Download Carliv Image Kitchen From Here.
  • Place Your boot.img in boot-resources folder.
  • Open carliv.bat then click b and unpack the boot.img
  • Replace your files and repack it.
Thats it for the post guys.Now you have successfully unpacked system.dat file.Happy Porting

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Hi everyone today im going to show you how to visit blocked websites on your pc without any VPN and without the use of any software.In this trick all you  have to do is just use Google Translate to Unblock Sites.It acts as a VPN here.Lets get started

Follow The Below Steps :
  • Go To This Link And Enter The Website Link Which You Wanted To Unblock

  • Click on the above link and make sure everything is perfect and in the place of the whatismyip.com replace any website link which you wanted to unblock and click on Translate
  • And Thats it your website will be unblocked and viewed after clicking on the link.
  • I used this site to prove that the IP address will be changed and it definitely works for all sites.
  • This is a simple trick which can be used to unblock sites without any VPN or other softwares.
This is my original IP and this has been changed as above
  • Thats it guys you have finally learnt how to unblock any site without any VPN or Software.Thanks for reading,Bye.

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Hello friends today im back with another trick.With this you can completely backup your data and all of your YouTube videos to your Google Drive without downloading to your pc.So Lets get started.

1.First of all go to this link and make sure everything is as show in the screenshot and click next.
2.Now it will ask to select the format and maximum size,select any size and select Add To Drive and click on Next.
3.Thats it,It will automatically start exporting all your YouTube Videos and every data of your YouTube Channel.

4.The Final Output looks like this 
5.Thats it guys you have successfully transferred all you YouTube data into Google Drive without downloading any file.If you have any questions or queries just comment below and ill answer them for sure.


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Hi everyone.Daily instead of posting custom roms and others today i m going to bring something new which will be useful for everyone.Today im gonna give you list of funny and tricky wifi names for your routers.So lets get started.Source: Missingtricks

Best WIFI Names :

  1. John Cena
  2. Searching...
  3. Click this
  4. No Wires, Still alive and working
  5. Network error
  6. Please use me
  7. find nearby WiFi
  8. I can read your data
  9. Network Not Found
  10. Invisible
  11. This is Not Free Either
  12. Use Mobile Data
  13. 1$ Per Hour
  14. Cyber Cafe
  15. Married WiFi
  16. Y No You Get WiFI?
  17. Bad Error 313: Disconnect
  18. NoFreeSoGetStuffed
  19. Pump it. ROUTER!
  20. Please stop your barking dog
  21. It’s Not Paid By Your Dad
  22. Go & Take Money From Your Dad
  23. You are hacked
  24. Click Here To Brick Your Phone
  25. I don’t like Gang Bang
  26. Don't even try it
  27. JesusChristLovesYou
  28. Party Saturday
  29. Does God Know you Steal Internet
  30. I'm Under your Bed
  31. Stop Using Internet
  32. You Lost Your Connection
  33. Only For Zombies
  34. Open Wi-Fi
  35. Here’s the Password Clue Read again
  36. Guys, please stop fighting for Wifi
  37. 6thSenseMobileWiFi
  38. Guess My Wi-Fi Password
  39. BackBenchers
  40. Don’tYouWishYourWifiWasHotLikeMe
  41. Stop using our internet!
  42. No Free WIFI Get Lost
  43. Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  44. God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!
  45. Wi-Fight the inevitable?
  46. 99 problems but WiFi ain’t one
  47. John’s full name in CAPS, no space
  48. Ye old Internet
  49. Log in here!
  50. I can read your emails

Funny WIFI Names :

  1. Not Connected
  2. Click here for internet
  3. Get off my WLAN
  4. Free viruses Here
  5. I'm a fan of "Bill Wi, the Science Fi.
  6. Pretty Fly for a WiFi
  7. WIFIght the inevitable?
  8. FBI Surveillance Van #334
  9. I'm cheating on my WiFi
  11. Terrorist Network Servers #8
  12. Hack if you can
  13. RCMP Surveillance Horse #19
  14. Clean up your dogshit
  15. Go Go Gadget Internet
  16. I am the Internet AMA
  17. Hack me Bro
  18. Virus
  19. Nigga Net
  20. No Name
  21. Free Wifi
  22. Connecting...
  23. Loading...
  24. ItBurnsWhenIP
  25. I like you
  26. FreeViruses
  27. HideYoKidsHideYoWiFi
  28. Bill Wi the Science Fi.
  29. C:\win32.backdoor.trojan
  30. You are Hacked
  31. Bring cookies to 302
  32. Bank WiFi
  33. Police
  34. Bandwidth of Brothers
  35. This Lan Is My Lan
  36. Do As The Modems Do
  37. Come ATT Me Bro
  38. Connect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
  39. Encrypted For Her Pleasure
  40. BatLan
  41. Bad Network
  42. Week Network
  43. No WiFi Available
  44. WiFi Failed to Start
  45. StealYourOwnInternet
  46. Surveillance Van 2
  47. Router?IHardlyKnowHer
  48. TellMyWiFiLoveHer
  49. No WiFi Found
  50. FBI Torrent Tracking Hub
Thats it for the post guys.Hope you enjoyed it.

Hello friends i think the old one is not a perfect giveaway and i didnt get the required amount of response from you so today im going to make a other giveaway which will be useful for everyone.
After searching a lot for good things under 500 i found Intex Powerbank which will be useful for everyone.If i get required response from people ill conduct more giveaways soon.So lets get started.

What You will be given : 

Steps To Join The Giveaway :

  1. Like And Share Our Facebook Page.
  2. Download Our App From Play Store
  3. Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel
  4. Share any of our Youtube Video On Your Facebook Timeline Or Group.
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  7. Take Screenshots of your shares and post in comments section-Mandatory
  8. Join The GIVEAWAY NOW
        Intex 4000mAH Power Bank Giveaway By ATOZHACKS

NOTE : Entries will be started from 2017-04-16  5:00:00 PM and will end by 2017-04-25 05:00:00 PM.This give away will be given only if 250 or more people join and if there are not 250 people ill take the draw and give 100 Paytm Cash for that user


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Hello everyone apart of Android Custom Roms and development today im going to make a give away for everyone.If i make a giveaway of any electronic gadget or others it may be useful only to one person but in this giveaway there will be N number of winners and everyone is a winner if they do follow the instructions properly.Udemy.com is an online learning platform. It is aimed at professional adults who want to add new skills to their resumes, or explore their passions.Im going to give coupon codes of all the 30 Useful Courses and these codes work for everyone.I tried in 2-3 accounts.So Lets Get Started.Special Thanks To Rahul Sehgal.

What Are The Courses Included : 

  1. Complete Ethical Hacking Course
  2. Intro to python for Ethical Hacking 
  3. The Definitive Ethical Hacking Course
  4. Exploring Secrets of Ethical Hacking
  5. Bash Programming- Master the Linux Command
  1. Professional Pixel Art & Animation
  2. Complete Masterclass to Photography
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Easy Video Editing
  1. Quick JavaScript Core learning
  2. Learn JavaScript for beginners
  3. Javascript - From Beginner to Pro
  4. The Full JavaScript & ES6 Tutorial
  5. The Complete JavaScript Course For Web Development Beginners
  6. Java Tutorial for complete beginners
  7. PHP 5 Introduction to coding
  8. PHP: Ultimate guide to PHP for everyone
  9. Complete PHP with Bootstrap3 CMS System
  10. PHP connections to MySQL
  11. A complete guide to INTERMEDIATE C++
  12. Handy tips from a programmer to program in C++
  1. The Ultimate Web Developer
  2. The Complete HTML & CSS Course
  3. Build Real World Websites from Scratch using HTML5
  1. Complete Android App Development Course
  2. Android Development Using Mysql & PHP
  3. iOS 9 and Swift 2 From Scratch
  4. Swift 3 - Master Swift Development From Scratch
  1. Cisco Network CCNA Course
  1. English Course

What Should You Do To Get These ?

  1. Like Our Facebook Page. And Join Our Facebook Group
  2. Share Our Page With Any 3 Facebook Groups And Take Screenshots of ur shares.
  3. Click 2-3 Adds on this site and take screenshots of ur clicks
  4. After doing all the three tasks and taking screenshots send the screenshots to my Email Address
  5. Done.Now You Will Get The Coupon Codes Of All The Thirty Courses.

Proofs :

 For Those Who Cant Do All The Above Mentioned Steps Complete This Survey And Download The File Yourself : Download Now

You have to be fast or else the coupons may expire.Next Giveaway will be soon.

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Hello guys as i got many responses from Gionee SPlus user for the camera fix for HIOS rom.I decided to post other roms of Gionee S Plus.Note that im not the porter of the roms for Gionee S Plus.All the roms are ported by IACOB IONUT so all credits goes to him.

Rom Details :

     ROM Version : 7.1.1 Noougat
     ROM Kernel : 3.18.19+
     Chipset : MTK6753

Bugs :

   Didnt find any

Installation :

  • Download the ROM
  • Reboot To Recovery
  • Wipe System,Data,Dalvik,Cache
  • Do A Factory Reset
  • Flash The Zip
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy

Downloads :


Hello guys today im back with something new.Instead of posting all cm based roms today im back with this rom and this is perfectly cool rom i ported until now.So lets get started.Here Special Thanks to OROCHI For his work for porting this rom from Meizu m5.I ported from him.And Special Thanks To Blackwings66

Rom Details :

     ROM Version : 6.0 Marshmallow
     ROM Kernel : 3.18.19+
     Chipset : MTK6753

Bugs :

  • Fingerprint
  • Remaining You Tell Me.I didnt find any.
  • Dont ask for VOLTE.

Installation :

  • Download the ROM
  • Reboot To Recovery - Link To Latest TWRP
  • Wipe System,Data,Dalvik,Cache
  • Do A Factory Reset
  • Flash The Zip
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy

Downloads :

The Gapps And Su are integrated in the zip but u need to flash SU and Gapps again to make it work.

Camera Is 13mp and Video Recording is also working

Screenshots :

 Image result for aokp

Introduction : 

Android Open Kang Project - AOKP For Lenovo K4 Note (A7010a48)
It Is based on AOKP Nougat 7.1.1
OMS Is Supported

Rom Details :

  • Rom Kernel : 3.18.x
  • Rom Version : 7.1.1
  • Rom Build Date : April 1 2017 

Bugs :

  • 8mp Camera And Video Recording.
  • No VOLTE.
  • Hotspot works only in 2.4ghz

Installation :

  • Download the Zip
  • Clear System,Data,Dalvik,Cache
  • Do A Factory Reset
  • Flash The Zip
  • Flash Gapps 
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy your rom

Screenshots :


Video Camera Fix : Try to use a third party app called "Camu" from Google playstore.

Download it from here

Downloads : 


Hi everyone its been many days writing a post due to my exams and today im back with crDroid rom for our Lenovo K4 Note.Yes you heard right and this is not so buggy and no bugs are present except auto rotation.So lets get started.

Rom Details :

  • Rom Kernel : 3.18.x
  • Rom Version : 7.1.1
  • Rom Build Date : March 29 2017

Bugs :

  • 8mp Camera And Video Recording.
  • No VOLTE.

Installation :

  • Download the Zip
  • Clear System,Data,Dalvik,Cache
  • Do A Factory Reset
  • Flash The Provided Boot.img
  • Flash Gapps 
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy your rom

Credits :

  • @sandeep.sethi
  • @kishanpatel
  • @ganeshvarma
  • @mohancm and everyone who made the tree
  • @teja
  • @sahilsoni
  • @IacobIonut
  • @Dhairya(for testing)
  • @navY(for testing)
  • @hariambadi(for testing)
  • @Ranto
  • +Vijay Chandra 

Downloads :

Screenshots :


Donations :

  • If u really want to donate something mail to me here : atozhacks@gmail.com then ill tell you how to donate and what methods i accept.Thanks for all your support.
Video Recording Fix [Temporary]
For video camera working, try to use a third party app called "Camu" from Google playstore.
Download it from here

Hi everyone today im back with some other one.This is not a custom rom but very useful for everyone because we want custom rom but it has bugs or it dont have VOLTE etc.So now we can dual boots roms as we do in PC like windows7 and 10 or etc.In this guide im going to dual boot my MIUI rom with the stock rom.Im on Nikkali v3.Just give it a try and comments and suggestions are welcomed.Total Credits Goes To Dhruv Gadhavi For Compiling This DUAL BOOT PATCHER FOR OUR DEVICE



                                                  DOWNLOAD REQUIRED FILES

Hi guys today im going to show you how to flash Marshmallow latest build s232 to lenovo k4 note without the use of lollipop.We can directly flash s232 build with SP flash tool.Im a developer and its very difficult for me to everytime flash LP and go to MM and unlock bootloader flash recovery and again come back to LP for flashing is a big process so today im giving u s232directly flashable file which can be flashed by SP Flash Tool.Ok lets get started.Thanks to Russian Developers For Making This.
Credits : Gott1974 master_lee

Flashing Procedure :

  1. Download the file given at the bottom of the post.
  2. Extract the zip file with any software.
  3. Install all drivers,If u already installed before then leave this step.
  4. Go To MTK_Koleos_flashtool_v5.1536.00.000 Folder and open flash_tool.
  5. Now you will be asked for the scatter file.
  6. Browse the folder to which you have extracted the downloaded zip.
  7. And then go to SW folder and open target_bin folder.
  8. You will find a text file named MT6753_Android_scatter click on it.
  9. Then it takes some time for loading the scatter file.
  10. After that click on download button and connect your device to pc after shutting it down.
  11. The Process will be started and after flashing you will be directly in the S232 Marshmallow Build.

Screenshots : [These Images Are For S219 And For S232 Also Same Process.

Mirrors Will Be Generated Soon
Password For The File :lenovo-forums.ru

Hello everyone today im back with latest and most awaited custom rom for our lenovo k4 note.And this is MIUI 8 Marshmallow.As many people dont know how to unlock bootloader and flash recovery in LP im providing this MIUI 8 Marshmallow rom for you but this rom has bugs.Special Thanks To Mesut From Turkdevs Forum.I have already fixed WIFI,BT and many other minor bugs but the latest build with wifi bt fixed is missing so im uploading this so if some one fixed audio and fp then within no time ill fix all remaining bugs.I dont have time to do all these or else i would only do it.

Bugs :

  • Audio
  • Fingerprint

Installation :

  • Same as other ROMS
  • Reboot To Recovery.
  • Wipe System,cache,data,dalvik
  • Do a factory reset

Download Links : 

NOTE : If you have to flash this rom when you are on stock rom the stock rom must be rooted for no installation errors.


Hello guys today I'm going to present you Resurrection Remix Nougat for our lenovo k4 note this is first initial release this has many bugs as i don't have time I'm unable to fix these so i hope someone fix these bugs don't forget to take LP rom as base for fixing bugs.

ROM Version : 3.10.65+

ROM Version : 7.1.1

Resurrection Remix Version : 5.8.0

What's Working :

  • Only RIL
  • Mobile Data

What's Not Working :

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Camera
  • Sound 
  • Etc etc

Screenshots : Here

Note : As This Is On LP Kernel  U Must Be On Lollipop For Flashing This Rom If u flash from Marshmallow u will be stuck at boot animation.If u dont know how to flash twrp in Lollipop follow this guide 

Image result for lenovo k4 note

Hello guys today im going to show you how to enable VOLTE in Lenovo k4 note.As everyone knows this is the best phone upto now in less cost dont tell about Redmi Note 3 because k4 note has dual dolby front speakers and we can insert both sims and memory card and this cant be done in RN3.So for me Lenovo K4 Note is best forever.Ok Lets get started.This is especially for the people who are using JIO.

Steps To Activate VOLTE In Lenovo K4 Note :

  1. You must be on S219 To Do This
  2. If you are not on S219 Build then u can flash it directly even without being in Lollipop
  3. Download S219 SP Flashable Files From The Link Given Below.
  4. Dont Root The Mobile.
  5. After Booting Check for system updates and click on update.
  6. Thats it u r done now u r lenovo k4 note supports VOLTE.
  7. With this u will be on S230 Build Number.Enjoy

Hello guys as we know that it is very difficult to use our android with the small internal space provided and many people asked me to do a video on how to make sd card as internal storage in marshmallow or any custom rom without loosing any data.So today i bought this for u just watch and enjoy if u face any issues comment here..

Link of Xposed for all MTK67xx Devices :http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/s...

For 64bit select arm64 and for 32bit select arm

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